Pausing for Thanks

I hung up the phone from a coaching session with my own coach, aAbstract Collage-Woman-Wingsnd teacher, Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching, I realized something very profound.  The topic of discussion was about being in the state of happiness.  I realized that, in my past, I had been viewing happiness from an outside perspective, thinking that it was going to somehow jump into my body and glitter some fairy dust across my soul and I will be happy forever.   I pictured it as this place where you visit and suddenly become happy.

laughing_iguanaIt was important for me to grasp this concept…of happiness.  So, I even took a course on the Pursuit of Happiness.  Yes, there is really a structured course on this topic.  From the beginning of time, philosophers, psychologists, neurologists, and scientists have studied, theorized and tested what happiness is and what it does for humans and animals.

This is what I know about happiness from a purely human experience:

When I am mindful of everything around me, I am in a state of awareness.  This awareness is about taking note of each thing and asking where it came from, how it got there, what was the purpose of it, why do I keep it, what is it good for, who is it good for.

As I looked around the room a few days ago, I realized that each of the things I noted, and asked those questions, were a part of me.  I chose the piles of papers on my desk, I purchased the multiple books lining the shelves of the bookcase that I also bought to house the books.  Each book meant something to me, because I chose it for specific reasons.

IMG-0403I chose the Asian decor and lighting, and a Native American drum on the wall because these fill my spirit.  Yes, these are all external things, here, but I chose them.  The choice is what became so transparent to me in that single moment.  I get to choose.  And, in that same moment, I felt this warmth of being thankful for that gift of choice.

My life had not been easy with a failed marriage, being raped, losing a child, living in poverty, and raising children alone.  It was the times, however, that I recognized that it was happiness that kept me moving towards the light – that life I wanted for myself and my children.  Happiness was found in those minute moments of gratitude for someone’s generosity, or just seeing the smiles on my children’s faces when they were happy.

Choice is our gift toward thankfulness, peace, freedom, and happiness.  It is there inside us at all times for the partaking.  Whether we live in poverty or live in a castle, we possess the gift to choose how we will perceive each moment, how we will view our surroundings, and how we live in those surroundings.


When we celebrate our moments of abundance during this season, we will pause for one day to be thankful, it is our choice.   Some gatherings will go around the table and ask what each person is grateful for, others will simply say grace, while even just a few will pause, not realizing the choice they have made to give thanks.  It is in this moment we can choose to make this our day of change -to pause for thankfulness and happiness every single day of our future lives.

I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful season of Thanks, and hope that you will make the choice to live in mindful gratitude each day.

Thank you for reading my blogs each month.  I am humbly grateful that my thoughts through words on a page make a difference in people’s lives every day.

For this, I am happy.


Kat is a Professional Core Alignment Mentor who specializes in the art and science of NeuroLinguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training. She is founder of Taproots for Life.

Kat has helped many people realize their own potential, improve parenting, build confidence, respond more wisely to stress, and more.

Kat’s practice spans the globe for English-speaking people.  Her passion is helping people awaken the light of wisdom within themselves to live a life of joy.







The Soul of America Yearns

I look over to a glass globe, setting on my desk, that is home to a little fairy child.  She is a porcelain figurine that holds a pearl in her uplifted hands, as if she were offering love to the world.  For me, this pearl represents the light of my soul.  The light that is in each one of us, unconditional love.

When the light is dull, we are not ourselves.  We are not embracing our authenticity.  The purest of love and compassion that lies within this light is always there, yet we miss out on it so often in our lives on earth.   PENTAX Image

With the recent events of an election, a surprise outcome occurred with the electoral votes winning out to a harsh, now president elect, which has left most of us questioning our faith in human kind.  “Have we lost our minds?” many people say.

mistake-1966448_1920And yet, those who were proponents of the candidate even questioned they did the right thing.  “It actually happened,” I hear them say.  This group seemed stunned that their votes actually counted, and, actually proved that they could vote in anyone they put at the helm.  It could have been Daffy Duck and it would have been a true vote, and interestingly, still bring people to the dumbfounded reality that their vote counted for what they believed to be the perfect president.

On inauguration day, it will be a day of mourning for most Americans, and perhaps people in other countries. There are chosen administration members whose character we question and test against integrity, honesty, and human kindness.  What human experiences do they bring before us in order to lead us?

Have any of them truly lived in poverty?  Do they know what it is like to get up every 2 hours of the night in a drowsy stupor to turn their loved one who lies in bed dying, suffering of cancer?  And further, do they know what it is like to be broken when no one else stepped forward in outreach because “no one” had the means or integrity to do so?  As a result, someone died without any outreach.hands-compassion

A woman was forced to abort her child because of the humiliation, no means to provide, and no sense of how to even raise a child.  Where did we fail this woman, as human beings?  Where will the souls of our leaders reach out?

A child was left behind because no one cared that he could not read or that his mother was being beaten by his father every hour of the day.  Where is our human outreach?

My fellow souls, this, this place that we have allowed to become neglected is not our leader’s doing.  At some point, we must create a collective response as souls to care for our fellow human brothers and sisters.  While our vote may count, there’s an even greater response at stake.  Our choice to create internal love and allow that light to illuminate from us to our human families, as we assist them in small ways to lift them up.

What has transpired with our souls is not a mistake.  It is a deep belief that our souls yearn to use their advanced knowledge to move back to what is important:  Pure love

Our souls view that this new place of evolution is not a place of modern technology or streamlined modern society. Our souls have tired of the antics of our human bodies and long to be pure.  But with purity, comes an earthly price of coming to grips with our own mentality.  The ego must succumb to it’s own intelligence, ingrained beliefs and lessons from practicing less than love.

When our egos are challenged, we build more resistance, animosity, hatred, anger, retaliation.  This has become evident in the recent turn of events.  Both sides of the presidential race oozed the ugly tar-ridden muck that comes from ego.  What leadership was demonstrated?  The excuses that “the other” ran a dirty campaign  has only deeply reflected back in what they proclaim.

Now, the American people feel more broken, more divided, and more despaired than the anxiety that lead up to the election.  Our leaders, the souls who we entrusted, have yielded to the entrapment of their earthly ego and have forgotten who they really are.

While our leaders may have forgotten the light in their souls, as it grows dimmer, let us not forget our own light that beams within us.soul-1718453_1280

Recall why we stand for the rights for humans to live and die with dignity; the grave significance of being vigilant in holding dear our natural habitat and how it affects everything on this planet; the deep sense of respect and honor for each human to practice their spirituality in their own heart;and,  the right to live in authenticity with conviction and a voice to be heard.

For these truths I hold dear for our souls and an open space for love in the heart of America, that the collective soul of our country remain intact and pure in love as we navigate through a challenging journey that could change our lives forever.  United we stand, divided we fall.


HippyKat Kat has an innate talent to guide people to awaken the light within to live a life of joy.  She is a Professional Core Alignment Mentor who practices Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training.  Kat is the founder of Salt of the Earth Holistic Wellness, which has evolved to the new Taproots for Life.

Kat conducts workshops on the 7 Roots to Empowerment, Wheel of Life, Gratitude, Acceptance, The Power of Me, and more.  In addition she offers private phone mentoring sessions.

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