About Tap Roots of Wisdom

Willful SunLiving a Holistic Peaceful Life

Tap Roots of Wisdom is a blog for you.  I provide thought-provoking subjects of which I hope will trigger an aha! moment for you.  You are welcome to join in as a discussion by commenting, or share this blog with a friend you desire to help.  My mission with Tap Roots of Wisdom is to encourage the human spirit of helping others and providing random acts of kindness.  My presentations are metaphorical, metaphysical and spiritual.  I am not tied to one formality of belief. I am open to all positive thought and spiritual experiences.

Take Care and Sweet Peace,


About Kat:

Kathleen “Kat”  Kohler Schwartz is an experienced Holistic Mentor and owner of Salt of the Earth Holistic Wellness. She practices a mind, body, spirit approach to mentoring individuals who desire personal growth or wish to find peace in their day during difficult times.

Kathy merges her experience as an aromatherapist, musician and energy worker to deepen the experience in a mentoring session.  At the client’s choice, a session may be experienced on a massage therapy table or in a chair.   The first session is a consultation to get acquainted.  The goal of each session is to draw the client closer to their desired lifestyle.

Salt of the Earth Holistic Wellness, LLC

8045 Big Bend, Ste 110

Webster Groves, MO  63119

For appointment:  314-359-2467




One thought on “About Tap Roots of Wisdom

  1. The wise is the one who is grounded. Like the trees, we are to be connected to our mother earth. Truly connected, in al humility, respect, love, and compassion for all humanity, all creations from the divine. And only when one can truly be humble enough to look at the truth within, can he finaly find peace on earth and own wisdom


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