Emergence from Ashes: Compassion

On this date, September 11, Americans still feel the haunting hollowness of emotions that bring us back to that moment in time. The moment in time when the world stood still. Planes grounded, trains stopped, traffic seemed non-existent, and life just…felt…stunted. There was a long lull of shock that seemingly stripped our emotions to the raw.

As we all watched from our TVs in horror, another rhythm was droning beneath the surface of the accident. There was no time to pause for emotions, no time to ponder what was next. Across America, hundreds of people jumped from their chairs, sofas, beds to quickly shove on their shoes, a uniform, rescue gear, gas masks. People from remote places hopped in their cars to drive hundreds of miles. These responders prepared themselves, fired up mobile medical equipment and organized rescue missions to help the victims from dangerous crumbling towers filled with smoke and soot so thick it made them choke. People hugged their children, friends, even rivals. Religious establishments convened to pray.

What we choose to remember is what becomes important. An incident occurred, it was tragic. It cost precious lives. But, it took this horrific crime and tragedy to show where the backbone of our human race lies. Whether we are homeless on the street or an executive in a tower, we live as a people with a beating heart and a common allegiance to the United States of America. Our ancestors worked diligently to build this country for us, a decent place to live with freedoms that outweigh any other. Our countrymen and women carried the same rhythm that carries us forward from the ashes to this day, a memory of profound loss, yet triumphant personal growth and gain.

We choose to see our greatness, the brave lives who selflessly gave, the rallying to support the grieving, and the resilience of a nation that puts aside its differences to become one. Without our choice to see the brilliance of such alignment and oneness, we lose our mission, our vision, our voice, and our courage.

Around the world, caring people served in some way, whether in prayer, meditation, well-wishing or whether they were able to dig in and labor it onsite. In one relatively small period of time, America demonstrated its passion for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness for its country and for the world.

So, just for today, ponder the beauty that came from this tragic incident. The beauty that emerged from the ashes brought together unlikely friends, enemies, strangers to work toward one commonality: Love, Life, and Compassion for each other as human beings.

Make your choice love, always.