The Voices of Truth

Do you ever feel like you are not heard?  In conversations do people talk over you?  Do others in your circle of friends respond or engage in what you are saying? Do you feel voiceless?

Here is the news:  It’s not about them!

What is it, then,  that you want people to hear?

In a cab3b650e3f1e0e88ccec3e45c13b168b6sual conversation,  the subject matter may be something that you are not necessarily interested in, but you join in for the sake of participation.  You respond to someone’s story.  No one acknowledges your comment.  You feel disconnected, disrespected, put out, shunned, and the mental spin cycle moves out of control.  The voices begin:  “They don’t like me, I’m stupid, I don’t fit in, they never hear me, they don’t even try to include me.”

And then…one day you see your neighbor watering her roses.  You begin to talk about the weather, the old crabby man down the street, the naughty dog who wees on your lawn. There is conversation, and an exchange of sorts. Engaging comes naturally, it feels good. What has changed from the other conversation?

But, wait.  Didn’t I say, “It’s not about them?”  Yes, I did.

To get to the truth, the question begs an answer of what do you know about yourself?  What is the voice inside you when you are at odds with the world?  While you are pointing a firm finger outward  to others (It’s their fault) and minimizing your insides (I’ll never measure up), the world around seems to keep rolling on, as we are left to our own mental mess.

How do you feel when you connect with people?  How do you show up in a conversation? Are you present, or is your mind on the sports channel across the room or the baby napping in the other room?  The truth is that the entire scene is based on you, your perception of you, how you receive, how you give, what gets under your craw, what grabs your attention, and why.

As in the case above, if one is feeling they are not being heard, the shadow self  may reveal, “I am not heard.”  Then what is the core truth?  The big reveal is:  “I HAVE A VOICE!”  To further expand on the purpose of the core truth, one would add “and …”

I have a voice and an important message, can become the personal message in the conversation to oneself when not feeling like being heard, feeling left out, the office is not working together that day, and on goes the sea of conflicts to which this concept can be applied.

fb2fdb8c8607fc277da2c977e5e91d2fThis process requires a series of questions and some expertise to get to the core of someone’s personal truth.  We, as social beings, deal with many mental shadows, gatekeepers and guards that protect us against revealing what is true.  It is a tangled wad of wonder in our minds, comprised of all of our experiences, beliefs, and values.  Some serve us well, while others hold us back or give us a sense that we are inferior.

upcbfypvA trained NeuroLinguistic Program (NLP) Specialist gently guides one through the process with ease.  Imagine working with an NLP Specialist to the likeness of an alchemist creating the right mix or blend of something from nothing to create a miracle or an emergence of something great.  The perfect blend of questions brings aha! moments where there was a void or questions about a conflict.

Each individual carries their own personal message from the time they were born.  Do you remember when you were born?  We are capable of discovering this miracle, and we all carry the wisdom from beyond.

Bring light to your truth. What is YOUR truth?


HippyKatKat is a Core Alignment Mentor and Professional NLP Specialist, and Emotional Wisdom Trainer.  She is the founder of Taproots for Life, where she guides women, men and teens to awaken their light within to live a life of joy. She believes that each person deserves to feel grounded with a voice to be heard, while standing in their own authenticity.

Kat holds a sacred space for people to grow as independent thinkers by exploring, discovering and embracing their true authenticity and to inspire others with love, understanding and empowerment.

Her mentoring has changed lives, locally and internationally.  She is also a writer, herbalist, aromatherapist and lightworker.  For more information:




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