Healing thoughts, Healing Music

My dear friends,

I frequently talk about how our minds respond to positive feedback.  Music is certainly another measure of how someone can ease into change, relaxation and more.  It is an added tool to release what is bottled up.  In my mentoring practice, I use Amy’s music to help my clientele relax even more.

Please enjoy this opportunity to experience Amy Camie’s healing music.  Her music can be listened to while studying, meditating, praying, or just sitting in a chair to enjoy it in peaceful bliss.

Amy has helped many soldiers, returning from war, to find a mentally and spiritually calming place in her music.  She has also helped cancer patients lessen their pain, as they go through treatments.  People who have suffered from anxiety find a deepened relaxation.

Magic Mirror is one of her most healing CD’s that can be enjoyed any time of the day.  I have used it at the office, and it calms people instantaneously.

Click on the link to experience the healing presence of Amy’s music.


Peaceful listening!


Kat is the owner and mentor of Salt of the Earth Holistic Wellness, where she helps people become aware of their own innate wisdom in order to follow their dreams.  Music is sometimes used to relax her clientele.


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