“Thank you for being my teacher, Dad.”

Dearest Dad,

My siblings and I have always teased you that you have 9 lives. You’ve been through so much, physically. Tragic accidents that should have leveled any super human. But, because of your mental outlook on life, you persist and insist that life is worth fighting for.

You taught me fortitude.

You have always been inventive, working in the workshop creating whatever you’ve had file000346276799up your sleeve in that moment. You created a smoker from an old refrigerator, you built us a tree house, tree swings, and handcrafted gifts. You landscaped our entire yard, complete with volleyball court, gardens and a wooded area with paths to play hide ‘n seek.

You taught me creativity.

What I love most about you, dad, is that you are a leader. You have lead people your entire life, and still lead while in the state of ill. For me, you demonstrate bravery, you remain a community leader, have served your country, and most of all, you love and still serve your family in extraordinary ways you do not realize.

You taught me integrity.

Dad, you embody what a father should be in every person’s life. Patient, kind, commanding, respectful and loving.

You taught me love.

favorites from camera 027You taught me how to pitch a ball “like a boy,” how to fish, hunt,  learn music, encouraged me when the chips were down, raised me up when I was at my lowest. Dad, you challenged me to grow to be a wise woman.

You taught me resilience.

Thanks, Dad, for living your life’s purpose and still showing up in life to continue your soulful path.  I am thankful to you for the person I have become.

You continue to teach us all that is wise: fortitude, creativity, integrity, love, showing up in life, and resilience

A toast to life and all of its joys with you in the center!

Happy Father’s Day!

All my love,


HippyKat Kathleen is a Holistic Mentor in St. Louis, Missouri.  She is the oldest of six children and, now, the mother of three and grandmother of four.  Her parents live in the area, as well, and continue to contribute as Kathleen’s role models.

Kathleen has dedicated her life to mentoring others, based on her own experiences.  She now mentors others as a profession and lives her lifelong dream of helping others.

Visit her website:  http://saltoftheearthholisticwellness.com

Or call for appointment:  314-359-2467





4 thoughts on ““Thank you for being my teacher, Dad.”

  1. I love this post. I’m glad I have the father I have. He is the smartest, kindest person I know. One of my worst fears is disappointing him. It’s great that you re confused dads


    1. Social,
      Thank you for your comment. Without dads a girl could be quite lost in this world. Explains some of the things we see happening in these times.
      What do you mean by “It’s great that you re confused dads?”


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