Just like Peas and Carrots…

In the 1994 movie, “Forrest Gump,” the narration was brilliantly written in a pure and simple form, as if from a child’s thoughts.

In one pivotal scene, Forrest heard the most beautiful voice in his life of 6 years old. He was mesmerized by her beauty as he gazed down at Jenny sitting on a school bus seat.  Forrest and Jenny soon became best friends.  Forrest said “we was just like peas and carrots.”  He fell in love, immediately. Such a sweet and innocent time in life!

Peas and carrots were often served together at dinner, so using this phrase indicated that the two complemented each other, belonged together or loved each other- much like Forrest thought of him and Jenny.

When was thfairy_lightse last time you thought of your relationship like this?  Have you ever?  Perhaps you haven’t found the right partner, yet.

So, if you were to choose a partner that would complement who you are, how would that person look to you?  Would you my familychoose your opposite to complement your personality?  Would you choose someone like you?  Give this some serious thought, as this is the person you will spend the rest of your life with!  What do you really want?

Think of our friend, Forrest Gump.   What do you think he wanted?  From the movie, it appeared that all Forrest wanted was to love and be loved.   He didn’t want money, cars, boats or even a house. Forrest went the extra mile to save lives, give his heart, and
never gave loving Jenny, no matter what she did, all the while staying true to who he was.  Forrest just plain wanted love and knew, even in his innocence,  who he wanted to share it with.  

Food for thought (no pun intended!):  There are many spectrums of love to ponder.  What is love to you?  What makes you happy to the core?

Now, will you please pass the peas and carrots?  Smiles… Peas and Carrots


Kat is a Holistic Mentor in the state of Missouri.  She offers personal coaching in person or by phone to anyone in the world.  Kat is also a writer, aromatherapist and energy worker.   Call 314-359-2467 for appointment or e-mail to: kat@saltoftheearthholisticwellness.com

Visit Kat’s website: http://saltoftheearthholisticwellness.com










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