I have something to give back…

“I’m talking about the woman who is too afraid to talk to anyone…”

I watched a video awhile back that inspired me to look around and evaluate how long it had been since I utilized my talents and abundances to help others.

Of course I help people with their issues and concerns on a daily basis.  But, how do I go past just doing my job to create a space for those less fortunate?

I’m talking about single parents who go hungry at night because they gave the last of the hot dogs to their children.  The mother who breaks down in tears because her 6-year old wants potato chips and she cannot afford even a small bag because she spent her last dollar on his life-sustaining medications.

I’m talking about the woman who is too afraid to talk to anyone about her husband who has beaten her down emotionally and mentally so far that her self-esteem has hit rock bottom from the lies, accusations, harsh words, demeaning phrases over and over. Her strength dwindles,  she suddenly becomes the person he says she is, and can no longer function for her children.

One day, I looked around at my abundances.  Two cars in the garage, three grown children, three cats, a dog,  successful children, a loving husband, vacations, musical talent,  and education.

I had come so far.  I felt that I needed to give to these women of lesser opportunity than me.  I thought, “I need to do something big, because I owe it to these women..and myself.”  You see, at another time in life, I was all three of these women.

Recently, I had an aha! moment and recognized that I had been helping people all along in my years of work as a manager.  I used my experiences to help others love, understand, and take action.  It wasn’t always a perfect lesson, but I managed to get the message across.

In my life, I have learned that experiences are there for our life lesson, no matter the grief, sadness, pain or anger that comes from it.  We all learn.

In my academics and own mentoring practice I have, also, learned that our subconscious ego stores these lessons and, over time, begins to protect us from anything that remotely looks like abuse, neglect, or behaviors that appear hurtful.  Our unconscious mind integrates our emotions associated with those memories.  The two can create joy in our lives or misery, depending on the experiences.

When we are able to access the subconscious ego through our unconscious mind to tell it that it I_AMis okay to release the triggers that keep us in the misery state, we are able to recognize and respond to our life patterns in a more positive and healing way.

How does one do this, you ask?  Through Emotional Wisdom Training (EMT), people have learned, successfully, how to access this protected information by the subconscious; and, embrace their inner truths about what they really believe and want for themselves.

What does this have to do with giving to others?  Once one is able to get past the obstacles that impart misery, one can identify the message and move forward towards freedom in their lives.  Most people who blossom in this, find such freedom that it overflows and they want to help others in the same way.  This is called the ripple-effect.

I was fortunate enough to have received counseling through a community program.  I did not have access to Emotional Wisdom Training in the 1980’s, but I found a way to move forward.

At the time my personal growth, I was not aware of it, but I was already using something similar to EMT for myself, that occurred in my own innate mental make-up.  Later in life, when I began to train with the Core Alignment process, my experience helped me recognize that this process is what saved my life.  Now I am able to help and support others who have walked in similar shoes, but now my eyes and arms are wide open to help them in ways beyond their wildest expectations.

Whatever you have experienced and overcome in your life, there is someone who is struggling with the same challenge.

Do you think that if you had a mentor to help you through your challenge, life would be different?  How do you see EMT working in your life and to help others, if even in small ways?

Once you can recognize your own innate wisdom and inner truths, helping others becomes second nature.

gYXU5Ngm                                                                                                        Wouldn’t the world be a better more loving place if everyone embraced their wisdom and understanding to help each other?

Love and Sweet Peace,







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